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I am not yet a professional photographer, but I plan to be real soon. I absolutely love taking pictures. I shoot from my heart. I shoot what I feel, what I love. Photography is the best hobby I’ve ever had and I’ve found out that if you do something that you genuinely love, you’ll excel in it and you’ll have your supporters!

24 January 2010

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"Live free, live happy!"
Don't forget — have fun. If you're not having fun, trying things, experimenting, leaving your comfort zone, then you're not really experiencing all that photography is..

I call it...siuk sendiri, because... it's a siuk sendiri




I'm waiting for the sunset and the "magic moment"..
But something wrong happened to me and ruley..siuk sendiri bergambar...wehhehe..
But hey...hey..hey....waley-waley hey...~~~
I'm still doing my job..."HUNTING GAMBAL".
I love this word and I love even more using it in the apropriate context....wahhahaa...

Beautiful Scenery

After 30 minutes siuk sendiri