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I am not yet a professional photographer, but I plan to be real soon. I absolutely love taking pictures. I shoot from my heart. I shoot what I feel, what I love. Photography is the best hobby I’ve ever had and I’ve found out that if you do something that you genuinely love, you’ll excel in it and you’ll have your supporters!

23 February 2010

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22 February 2010

Wedding Event | Dewi & Jude








Sorry everybody...tompinai ngavi...peng you yang mengikuti blog saya, saya tidak dapat share suma gambar ni wedding.
Kenapa..?? Why..?? Wei se me..??
Pertama : Terlampau banyak.
Kedua:  Saya ambik ni gambar under urang lain punya company dan bukan bisnis saya sendri.
ketiga: Saya malas.
Jadi saya tia buli kasi aplot semua. Oleh yang demikian, saya cuma apload ni gambar secara rambang sahaja.
Minta maaf ginumo-ginumo kumaa dikoyu kio....
 ( sanyum-senyum saturang~~)

21 February 2010

Today is Sunday


Nature is something to love...
Love it or hate it...
Saya pilih Love...

The thing I found with Silhouette



I choose to take my silhouette photos when the sun is right above the horizon, usually at sunset.  I prefer this time because the sun causes the sky to be at it’s brightest for a greater contrast between your object and the sky.Remember that there isn’t an exact science to taking a great silhouette.  It takes practice, experimentation, and maybe even a little luck to capture a truly spectacular silhouette photo.


In photography, a silhouette is defined as an outline that appears dark against a light background.  More specifically, it is where your subject is seen as a black shape without detail against a brighter background.  This is an artistic outcome that many photographers like to perfect.  This effect can be achieved with any kind of bright light source, but of course the most commonly used is the sun around sunrise or sunset.  The backlighting from the sun shadows everything towards you and produces this effect.